Over the past couple of years, people have begun to make significantly more online purchases. So, if you want customers to order goods on your website and not choose your competitors, add online payments.

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Today, fast payments are a necessary standard for any business. If the client can’t quickly pay for the purchase, then, as a rule, he immediately goes to competitors. 1-click payments via the Internet are a great solution for small, medium, or large businesses.

Currently, there are practically no companies outside the Internet. Every entrepreneur, every firm, and organization is somehow present on the Internet to attract the attention of buyers. However, not all companies have their app and the possibility of online payments.

We agree that the development of your application, especially a complex one, is quite an expensive thing. But if your business is directly related to payments, you want to increase sales, attract as many clients as possible, and have not yet applied to fintech software development companies, it’s time to.

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In this article, we will tell you about the top five reasons you should add online payments method to your website. Let’s go!

Reason #1

By connecting the one-click payment function on your website or application, you increase the chance of buying your product. Just imagine, you invested a lot of money in SEO promotion, marketing strategy, targeted advertising, and content creation, and you attracted traffic to your website, but, for some reason, there was no increase in sales.

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The reason is that the visitor doesn’t see the “Buy” button (a kind of call to action). Adding this button and the ability to instantly pay for the goods in the cart without giving a potential buyer time to think, you significantly boost sales.

Reason #2

By enabling consumers to pay for goods online, you scale your business and take it to the next level. It means that you can sell in more than just your city, district, or country. You can easily enter the international market with a proper and competent approach.

It’s not necessary to be a big and well-known company in order to sell something to foreign buyers. It’s enough just to produce a quality product or service and know who your customer is.

Reason #3

Online payments speed up the process of serving your customers and receiving the purchased goods in the shortest possible time. The fact is that when paying online, you, as a business owner, receive money to your current account much faster and can already fulfill your obligations to the buyer.

payment method

In addition, the more payment options you add, the more attractive your website will be for visitors.

Reason #4

Online payment method on your website increases consumer trust. When clients see the logos of well-known payment systems on your site, they perceive this as some kind of guarantee of decency and conscientious fulfillment of your obligations towards them.

Subconsciously, an ordinary buyer is more inclined to buy in an online store where he has a chance to pay with a bank card or a well-known payment system than where there is no such option at all, and it’s impossible to make a purchase quickly.

Reason #5

Numerous e-commerce businesses lose customers just because people don’t trust card-to-card transactions and other doubtful payment methods. By adding the possibility of online payments to your website, the banks themselves guarantee the safety of transactions, and all data is securely protected. And in case of failure of the operation, all funds will be returned in full.

Numerous e-commerce

Summing Up

An integral part of any successful business is the ability to form online orders and pay for chosen goods. Paying for them in ways convenient for potential buyers significantly increases the chance of a completed order.

Remote payments are extremely easy, as the seller and buyer don’t need to have cash. All processes are carried out virtually and are under full control and totally secure. That’s why we strongly recommend all e-commerce business owners add mobile and online payments. Good luck!

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