Are you planning on starting your own law firm?

As you prepare your law office, you’ll soon realize that you haven’t yet figured out what legal supplies you need! It might sound simple but as a lawyer, your job is to be as organized as possible.

There are simply no excuses for not having the essential lawyer’s office supplies at hand at all times!

So what are the best legal supplies you should acquire for your law firm? Here’s what you should consider buying for the best lawyer office supplies:

Legal Pads

There’s a reason why lawyers prefer large yellow writing pads over ordinary notebooks. These legal pads are longer than standard notebooks which makes it efficient to consistently take notes.

The yellow color makes it easier to read the lawyer’s notes as black and blue ink stands out better. You want to make sure you always have an abundance of these legal pads at your office.

As a general rule, consider having at least 20 available for each lawyer at your firm. Consider having at least 5 available for each legal assistant and paralegal at the office.

Exhibit Tabs

These are crucial for organizing your client’s exhibits in a file. If you are a trial attorney, then you’ll likely have to present these exhibits in court.

Any damage or loss of these exhibits can cause your clients to lose their case so it’s imperative you find the best way to protect them. You can visit to find a great supply of exhibit tabs for your client’s files.



Lawyers need to constantly send files and documents to clients, courts, and other attorneys! You need to make sure you have the following mailing supplies for your law firm:

  • Standard mailing envelopes
  • Mailers in various sizes (4×6, 8×10, 11×13)
  • Cardboard boxes for parcels
  • Scotch tape
  • Duct tape
  • Mailing labels with the firms’ address on them

Make sure you always have an abundance of these mailing supplies at your firm. Even if your mail gets sent a day late this can make the difference in compromising a case!

Desk Supplies

Finally, let’s look at the desk supplies that you’ll need for your law firm. You want to make sure you always have an abundance of blue and black pens.

In most cases, you’ll have to sign using blue pens. You also want to use pencils and it’s best to have wooden pencils on hand.

Keep yellow highlighters and red pens when correcting or revising documents. You must also have an abundance of printer paper on hand at all times — with at least 500 sheets per lawyer as a minimum.

Buy Your Legal Supplies

Now you know which legal supplies you need for your law firm to thrive and always be on track!

Start with having several legal pads for the attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals. These are perfect for taking notes and beat out standard notebooks.

Exhibit tabs help you organize your client’s exhibits in their files. Make sure you also have a large supply of mailing supplies and desk supplies to ensure greater productivity and efficiency.

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