During the last few years, the world’s business and commercial transaction has drastically gone from being a physical, labor-oriented venture to a technologically advanced network of e-commerce. The most convenient store today is the internet. With the click of buttons, one can access numerous sites and apps which have all access to all kinds of products one is looking for.

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The conversion rate and its reduction

The conversion rate in e-commerce refers to the total number of web visitors who make a purchase, add items to their cart or keep it in their watch list to buy later. If the number of visitors who complete these actions on your page is good, it’s usually referred to as a good conversion rate of the site. However, if such actions are not completed by the visitor, it is usually referred to as a low conversion rate. There could be many reasons behind the low rate of conversions.

Lack of personal touch & Apprehensive approach

One of the most important reasons behind the drop in conversion rate would be the lack of personal contact with the seller and the product. Compared to the accustomed way of shopping, the customers cannot see, feel or touch the product in order to satisfy their curiosity, instead, they have to believe in the pictures, description, and reviews that are shown on the page.

While buying any product online, there is an apprehension among the buyers regarding the product and its quality. A person ordering something by simply looking at the description, for some reason may not get the exact thing delivered to them which has raised the qualms about E-Commerce among the general public.

To overcome the challenge of Low conversion Rate

There are a few things to make your E-commerce site attractive and worth browsing. While designing an E-commerce page, one has to keep a few things in mind, such as the images provided for the viewers, the content, the description of the product, etc.

Needless to say, your page has to be appealing to the viewers. As it is popularly said, “ first impression is the last impression”, your site needs to put a remarkable impression on its viewers at the first visit, both visually and persuasively. If the page has too many items stored on the homepage or is too complex to navigate around, it is natural that the viewers would switch to some other page.

Virtual Pictures are Essential to E-commerce

We have talked about making the site appealing to the consumers. While designing the site, one has to keep in mind the pictures that you are choosing for display, the first thing that a web visitor looks at is the images and pictures that have been portrayed on the site.

High-Resolution Images

Using high-resolution images is the best way to make the customer ‘feel’ the product. It gives them an idea about what the product will look like when it reaches them. The texture and the color have to be alluring to the customer to buy the product. A low-resolution picture will lead to blurriness when the customer tries to zoom-in or open on a larger screen which creates hindrance in viewing the image. Even if the product is of great quality, it may not create an impression on the consumer because of the problem of pixelation.

Multiple Angles

Generally, while buying a product we observe each and everything about the product. The design, model, size, etc.. Hence, providing different pictures of the product from all possible angles and different views, gives the person an idea about the product. A three-dimensional image provides you with the whole idea of the product. An online consumer cannot have a feel of the dress, cosmetics, bags, etc on themselves, they only observe it on the models or only the picture of the item, therefore, a clear picture of the product from different angles gives them a better idea about it.

Employ Professional photographers

Those who are engaged in E-Commerce know about the importance of image and virtual Pictures. Virtual images go a long way in drawing customers. The more attractive a picture is, the more draws the customer in to buy the product and try it themselves. Hence, the business should always hire a good product photographer who clicks good quality pictures and understands the goals of the company.

360 Degree viewing option

Allow the consumers to view the product on a 360-degree high resolution (or cgi photography) or create a short, high-quality video of the product for the customers. This way, a customer will have the full view of the product and analyze it to their own satisfaction. A 360 resolution Virtual Picture gives a detailed idea about the product which is otherwise impossible to get through other pictures.

The image Size and Site Performance

It is essential that the image size is not too large. The images should not take too long to load as it may create annoyance to the customers and low traffic. The website developers and the SEO has to make sure that the image size and its resolution are of satisfaction. In case they are too large, the site me smash up. It is necessary that the page load time and image loading time is maintained and monitored.

Maintain consistency

Consistency has to be maintained throughout your E-Commerce page. Using the same background, lighting, image placing strategy, etc had to be consistent throughout the page. This gives a sense of comfort and seems professional. Inconsistency among the images can be distracting to the viewers and can cause an unsettling feeling among the customers.

Optimize the Image

Another very important thing that has to be looked after is Search Engine Optimization. One has to provide appropriate meta description to the search engines, failure to provide these minute details can cause loss of sale. It is important to describe your image in a simpler and appropriate way for Search engines. Suitable optimization of the image goes a long way in attracting customers.

Provide Variations

A page becomes monotonous if you provide the viewers with only one color or style. Thus, you need to provide the users with varied options related to color, size, and brands that you have available. If you have the colors with you, make sure that they are also properly photographed and shown to the buyers. There may be cases that even though the color was available, the image wasn’t proper and you lose a sale.

Allow Zoom-in

Giving the customer an option to zoom-in can never go wrong! This is only going to help you with the sale. A person able to zoom the igames can understand it better and can draw an interpretation about how it’s going to look while they’re wearing it. It will also show the craftsmanship and stitching details of the product which will only make it pleasing to the customer.

Rights to your Pictures

This is one of the minor issues that many companies tend to overlook. However, this may cause some serious trouble for them. You always have to make sure that only you have the right to use the images. You may find pictures of people wearing clothes brought from your site, however, you have to take permission before using it anywhere.

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