Ladies have been long known for hankering for shoes that are not only functional but also immensely desirable for the added stature they give in the workplace and society. Indeed, so vast is the choice that it is quite natural for even the most fashion-conscious woman to feel a little confused regarding the ideal footwear for a particular occasion. Here is a guide to both casual and dress shoes that will help you decide which shoes need to figure in your wardrobe.

Casual Footwear 

Casual shoes are those that are typically worn by women daily and are typically teamed with equally informal clothes for a relaxed look. Casual shoes are not necessarily for wearing only at home, you can wear them when hanging out with your friends or even for a trip to the store for picking up groceries. There are even some varieties of heels that most people automatically classify as dress shoes that fall into the category of casual shoes because their shape and height are such that they are quite comfortable to wear. Some of the most popular casual shoe types:

Wedges: Going by various names, these are footwear that has sole and heel integrated into the same piece of material in the shape of a wedge that is far thicker at the back than at the front. In ancient Greece, actors with a superior status would wear wedges while others would merely wear socks. Wedges are extremely popular with women because they can get a refined look without having to suffer the pain of normal heels. According to, wedge heels make heavy ankles look thinner by adding shape and definition.

Ballerinas: These are flat pumps that are typically worn by ballet dancers and offer a simple yet smart solution that goes perfectly with casual wear. A huge variety of colors, prints, and patterns makes it ideal for every fun moment in your life.

Canvas Shoes: A sporty choice that is a great combination with casual wear of all kinds! Not only are they practical and comfortable but since they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, you will never be at a loss to find one that matches with your outfit, especially the jeans and t-shirt combo that all women are accustomed to chilling out in during the weekends.

Wellington Boots: Perfect for the winter when you need to battle the snow and the slush, these are a must-have for the contemporary fashion-conscious woman to keep their feet dry and warm when indulging in outdoor jaunts. Wellies have transformed themselves from being boring clunky shoes fit for only farmers to a fashion statement that you can match with a lot of many outfits. Remember, you can carry off any shoe style with aplomb when you are confident of your looks from inside out. For those who are on the lookout for exclusive lingerie, there’s nothing like to find an expression for your attitude. 

Flip flops: You must have flip flops if you are headed to the beach or the pool during the summers. Generally, most people opt for the colorful editions that have a simple sole made of foam and sport support for the toe in the middle of the plastic straps. The range of colors, patterns, and prints that you can find in flip flops are truly awesome and you can even get some very pretty woven straps that are embellished with sparkling stones for a funky look. Mules are a variation of flip flops and have a closed front that gives more support.

Gladiator sandals: This is a sandal with straps and a T-bar on the front. Gladiator sandals pair perfectly with a maxi dress and are a must during the holiday season. The strappy sandals with heels added also work very well with office wear such as tailored trousers. In recent times gladiator sandals have been seen on the high street as well as the catwalk.

Trainers: These shoes can be worn virtually anywhere and are equally at home in the gym or outside. They are the best option for working out, hence the name as they give support and comfort for stressed-out feet that can suffer damage when exercising. 

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes or formal shoes are designed to lend elegance and sophistication to a woman’s outfit and are generally worn on formal occasions or parties. Typically, they have higher heels and more embellishments than casual shoes. Some of the most popular varieties of dress shoes are: 

Heels: The most common choice for formal evening wear, there is a huge variety of heel styles ranging from block heels, kitten heels, stacked heels, stilettos, cone heels, and many more. The essential purpose of heeled shoes is to give the wearer some extra inches of elevation and even if you keep the heel height low for more comfort, you can create an illusion of height with pointed toes.

Court Shoes: This is a classic shoe style with a low line upper, a pointed toe and a medium height heel that works very well for formal business meetings and weddings. While black, brown, and beige are the most popular colors by far, there are more colors available for those who want to experiment. 

Brogues: A style more common with men, brogues, in recent years, has found widespread popularity with women seeking fashionable flat shoes. Dressier than ballerinas, they can add a masculine quirkiness to a woman’s shoe that is just perfect with a summer dress or a tailored business outfit. Conventionally available in blacks and browns, nowadays shoe manufacturers are increasingly experimenting with different colors, patterns, and even heel heights. 

Ankle Boots: A classic shoe style that can be worn as easily in the office as outside it, ankle boots are extremely versatile and stylish. They team as well with a summer dress as with a pair of tailored trousers. They typically come in two varieties; Chelsea boots that have a flat top line and Pixie boots that feature pointed toes.


There is a huge variety of shoe styles that women can consider for projecting the best sides of their personalities. Once you have chosen your outfit, you can hunker down and make a selection from the various shoe styles that can be matched with it. If you are the adventurous type, you can experiment with different shoe types and see for yourself what works the best for you.

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