Watches are not only used to tell time but a lot of times they are used to make a fashion statement.  Many guys consider watches to be an accessory to their wardrobe.  Some guys even feel naked without a watch.

In the year 2019 watches are as popular and trendy as ever.  Below is a list of the top brands for this year.


This classic brand has been a staple in the watch industry forever.  They have upped their game in recent years to come from a standard value watch to be more trendy.  You can get a Weekender, Ironman, or Intelligence Quartz among others.


Invicta has a diverse set of watches.  You’ll surely find one that goes with your style in this line.  And you can find some that aren’t going to break the bank one bit.  Try the Ocean Ghost II or the Pro Diver Automatic.

Patek Philipe and Company

The Grand Complication White Gold model from Patek Philipe and Company is amazing.  This sophisticated, sexy watch is sure to be an eye-opener.  You’ll feel like a million bucks when you put it on.  Also, it’s equipped with 20 complications.

The Rose Gold Complication model is another one to look out for.  It has a stunning rose gold dial and a mixture of beauty and elegance.

Jaeger-Le Coultre

This classy Swiss brand is one you don’t want to sleep on.  The Reverso Tribute Calandar displays two time zones and a calendar.  With a cool design, this one is a keeper. It comes in gold with a pink strap however, the color of the strap can be modified.

There are some great brands out there this year for watch enthusiasts who love wearing a watch.  Have fun choosing a new style.

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