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Top 6 Swimsuit Fashion Trends for Summer 2019

Are you getting ready for summer?  Have the winter doldrums taken their toll on you?  Do you have a special island getaway planned this summer?  Maybe you’re taking a beach vacation with the family?

Whatever you might have planned, if a swimsuit is in order then you’ll want to check out the top trends for 2019.

One Piece

If you went to Miami Swim Week then you would have noticed that all of the designers had one thing in common, they all displayed a one piece.  No other type of swimsuit had this distinction.  The most popular this year are the deep V-necks.

High Waists

High waisted bottoms are going to be hot this year.  These typically work no matter how tall you are or what kind of figure you have.  You can also complement these suits well with accessories.

The Ties That Bind

Tied bikini’s and even the tied one piece believe or not are making a splash this year.  You’ll feel cool and sexy when you don one of these in 2019. Don’t forget to try a tied swimsuit with a floating belt.  They are great.


Throwback bikini’s such as those with high-cut bottoms are coming back in 2019.  You’ll rock it poolside or strolling along the beach if you choose this swimsuit.


Ruffled swimsuits are making a huge comeback this year.  They offer a classy look while sporting some bold colors.


Pastels are on the docket in 2019.  You’ll want to go with pale pink or try several other of the soft colors these swimsuits are accompanied by this year.  

The summer of 2019 is just about here and you’ll want to be ready, and looking sexy, for whatever your plans may be.

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