Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Well, then I can help.  Using my guide, you can make sure that you are dressed to impress when you visit this incredible city. 

Dubai is one of the richest and most luxurious locations in the world today. So, you definitely want to make more effort before rubbing shoulders with millionaires. There’s also a dress code to be aware of too and a few tips to respect the culture. 

Let’s get started. 

Do You Need To Cover Up?

I constantly run into people who think they need to cover up visiting this city. This isn’t true at all. Indeed, the amount of skin you can show in Dubai is no less than to visit London. 

The only exception is if you are visiting one of the beautiful Mosques. So you can wear whatever clothes you like when visiting Dubai. 

You just need to avoid logos that could be deemed offensive and not show too much skin. 

What Do Dubai Women Wear?

Plenty of rich women live in the city of Dubai. As such, you’ll find all the latest fashion trends on display. However, a popular choice is a black abaya as well as a headcover. 

I think it’s important to point out that you don’t need to wear this. However, there are plenty of beautiful examples. They are on sale throughout the city too.

Should You Wear Shorts?

Shorts are back in trend in fashion this year. I am delighted to tell you they are an option for your trip to Dubai. I recommend light, white shorts, mainly for the intense heat you’ll encounter in the city. 

Short shorts can be worn around the beaches where swimwear and bikinis are allowed.

Packing The Perfect Clothing Options 

Summer dresses are the ideal choice for Dubai. It’s hard to look stylish when you’re drenched in sweat. There are plenty of these available from the top designers. Since they are light and breathe beautifully they are a great choice. 

Loose-fitting tops and pants are another stylish choices with brighter colours being favoured. You can wear jeans, just make sure they aren’t too tight. Again, this is all about the heat. 

If you’re walking a lot, you definitely want flat shoes rather than heels. There are plenty of designer shops and malls in this city. Don’t make the mistake of choosing style over comfort here. 

Summer hats are a great option too and definitely on-trend. They are also absolutely essential. Even in the winter, the temperatures here can reach epic highs

Think about choosing a Kaftan too. These are great for keeping covered in more conservative locations. There are plenty of designer examples that look amazing. 

Showing Off Your Style 

Remember how I said, this is a luxurious city? You definitely want to take some time to show off your fashion. So, what designers are a hit in the city? 

Well, you want to focus on European brands that are guaranteed to impress. Alexander Mcqueen is a great choice if you are thinking about adding accessories. 

You are going to be spending a lot when you reach Dubai. So, why not save on your designer purchases when you’re packing? You can do this by purchasing Alexander Mcqueen products from FarFetch.

This is a great choice with plenty of fantastic discounts and offers. You’ll be able to look great for less in Dubai. 

In terms of the fashion choices of the city, there are a few trends to be aware of. Usually, women in the city will favour fitted clothes. High heels are also popular so consider using public transport. 

You want to pack lots of jewellery and accessories to glam it up too. Locals often tend to wear full makeup which might be a lot of effort for a tourist adjusting to the heat. 

Women like this are often referred to as Jumeirah Janes. These are the stereotypical UK/Western women living in the city who love their glamour. 

Colourful Indian dresses are another popular choice and certainly recommended. 

A Key Mistake

A big fashion faux pas in Dubai is remaining in your beachwear after visiting the sands and heading into the city. You always want to change. Particularly, if you are wearing tank tops, short shorts or bikinis

If you don’t you’re sure to get some stares and for all the wrong reasons. This is just about looking great and respecting the culture at the same time. 

I hope this helps you when packing for your own trip to Dubai.

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