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Liverpool complete Alisson medical, announcement today – Pearce reported and deleted

Renowned Liverpool Echo man James Pearce reported on the website that Alisson has completed his medical with the Reds and will most definitely take Karius’ No.1 shirt.

As per the image provided below, on Liverpool Echo’s section for live updates, Pearce stated that the Brazilian international has completed his medical and the Anfield club will announce the deal later in the afternoon today.

However, now that part has been removed from the website. Luckily, we have the snap.

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As confirmed by Roma’s Monchi, we know that the Samba star is in Liverpool but it will obviously be strange to see a player completing his medical at 10 in the morning.

May be, Pearce saved this bit only to report later in the day after the completion of the medical and it perhaps got posted on the site mistakenly. Or may be the medical is complete.

We do not know as yet and only an official announcement will help.

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