The average vacation for a family of four costs more than $4,500. And it can cost even more than that depending on where you go and what you plan to do while you’re away.

Here is how to save for a vacation so that you don’t have to stick your travel costs on a credit card and rack up a bunch of debt.

Decide How Much Money You Need to Set Aside for Vacation

Before you start trying to figure out how to save for a vacation, decide where you and your family actually want to go. Pick a place that everyone can agree on after looking at a bunch of your best options.

Once you’ve done that, find out how much money it’s going to cost you. Calculate the cost by looking at everything from airfare and hotel rates to the price of admission at local attractions.

By doing all this, you’ll see how much money you’ll need to save. It’ll get your vacation planning off to a strong start.

Make Small Adjustments to Your Monthly Budget to Start Saving Money

If your family doesn’t have a budget, create one right away. Use it to keep a closer eye on the money you have coming in and going out every month. You can probably find some small adjustments that you can make to the budget to save money for a vacation.

For example, your monthly budget may show that you’re spending $200 every month on eating out. If this turns out to be the case, slashing that part of your budget will save you more than $2,000 over the course of a year, which will go a long way towards helping you save for a vacation.

Stay Motivated by Hanging Up Photos of Your Vacation Destination

If your plan is to spend six months or even a year saving up money for a vacation, it’s not going to be easy to keep yourself motivated. Yes, you want to take a vacation—but you also want to go eat a hamburger at your favorite restaurant so bad!

Keep yourself motivated to save by hanging up photos of your vacation destination all over your house. Select ones that show off all the fun things to do in your preferred destination so that you don’t struggle to stay motivated at all.

Why You Should Start Learning How to Save for a Vacation Now

If you’re going to pay a ton of money to take a vacation, you should make sure you travel to a place you really want to go. Doing this will require you to learn how to save for a vacation and then save over the course of many months.

Start learning how to save money now so that you have more than enough of it when it’s time for you to go on your vacation. You’ll be so glad you did once vacation time rolls around.

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