ADUs are becoming a popular way to not have to move your parents into assisted living while still keeping your own personal space. That’s why we put together a quick guide on how to build an ADU your parents will love.

Why Are ADUs Good For Aging Parents?

Why Are ADUs Good For Aging Parents

ADUs are excellent solutions to your concerns about your aging parents. Many people start to fear for their parents’ welfare as they age and may even consider moving their parents in with them. However, to avoid having a falling out with your spouse over having the in-laws move in, you can compromise by having them move into an ADU.

Best Types Of ADUs For Parents

As you probably know by now, there are different types of ADUs that you can build. However, your parents probably don’t want to live in a garage conversion. Instead, they may be more comfortable in a detached ADU, attached ADU, or an internal ADU.

Detached ADU For Parents

Detached ADU For Parents

If your parents are still fairly independent and are predicted to be for a long time, a detached ADU will work nicely for them.

Detached ADUs are completely separate from your home. They are their own independent unit that your parents can maintain a good level of privacy within. However, if anything goes wrong, you are only a few steps away to be there to help. Plus it makes checking in on them much easier since you just have to walk across the yard instead of hopping in a car.

Internal ADU For Parents

For aging parents, this is probably the best type of ADU. An internal ADU is built within your home but allows your parents to have their own space. It is kind of like having an apartment within your house. You can easily open a door and check on your parents or yell to them through the walls.

Attached ADU For Parents

Attached ADU For Parents

This is the second-best type of ADU for aging parents. Mostly because it still allows the both of you to have your own level of freedom and you don’t have to give up space out of your own home. Instead, the ADU is built to share a wall with your house and has a door in that wall to make it easy to walk back and forth between homes.

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