Liverpool are on the verge signing Nabil Fekir from Lyon as confirmed by Paul Joyce in his piece for The Times.

Earlier in the day, French source Le Parisien reported that the five time European Champions have agreed a five year deal with the French international which is worth €700,000-a-month.

The question is, how will Fekir’s wages compare to the Anfield stars, who are set to become his new team-mates? We take a look.

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Liverpool sold their highest earning star, Philippe Coutinho, to Barcelona in January. The Brazilian international was earning £200,000-a-week (The Sun).

After the departure of the Brazilian, winter signing Virgil van Dijk became the new highest earner at the club. He earns £180,000-a-week (The Star)

Back in April, Liverpool agreed a new deal with Brazilian center forward Roberto Firmino, who now earns as much as Van Dijk i.e. £180,000-a-week (The Sun).

After Firmino and Van DIjk, Liverpool’s highest earning stars are Milner, Sturridge, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Salah, who get around £120,000-a-week (The Star).

Therefore, as per the wages reportedly agreed for Fekir (mentioned above), the playmaker is set to become Liverpool’s third highest earner and get around £140,000-a-week. The likes of Mane and Salah deserve to get new deals, so, Fekir’s position in the top three could change.

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  1. Good morning, the power of negotiation will come to play, it does not matter if newcomer earns more than old and it is not a yardstick to measure performance, what others earn at any industry should not be compared because you are not operating from the same level and another factor that determines pay rise is where you are coming from and your role in the team.
    As for me, let others negotiate their earnings, there is no sin in that. Wishing mane, milner, salah and others best of luck. We will not walk alone. Up liverpool, liverpool for live. Mustapha D.A. from Nigeria.

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