Let’s talk about the future of cryptocurrency and cryptography. We all know that this new financial system has come to stay no matter what, but there is a lot of questions such as: how does it work, where can I use it, and what things you can expect from cryptocurrency in the future? In this article, we will only focus on the things which we can expect from cryptocurrency in the future.

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1 – Start Using as a Payment Method

Start Using as a Payment Method

One thing we expect from cryptocurrency is to be accepted as a payment method by more and more services and stores. Some of the stores already accept it but we will definitely see an increase in number as cryptocurrency becomes better known.

2 – It Will Be Used as Investment

The price of cryptocurrencies goes up and down like anything. When you invest in cryptocurrencies for the short or mid-term there is always the risk that its value may go down by 10% any day. But this same fact also works the other way around and gives us huge profits when used for investing for longer-term after researching carefully about cryptocurrency’s future and buying and holding them for a few years.

3 – Price of Top Cryptocurrencies Will Increase

The price of top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethers, and Litecoins will increase more and more with time because they are accepted by most exchanges which means every new investor wants to own some Bitcoins or Ethers rather than any other cryptocurrency. This automatically increases the price of top cryptocurrencies.

4 – More Banking And Financial Institutions

Once big financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc come out in support of cryptocurrencies we can expect a huge jump in prices, and people will become aware of it and start using it for investing, trading, etc.

5 – More Regulations Might Be Introduced

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The regulations might be introduced for cryptocurrencies and the European Central Bank has already warned about it, but we also need to look at this point from another angle such as what will happen if no regulations are introduced. Banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan might start their own cryptocurrencies which they can control and manipulate when needed compared to when regulations are introduced because in that case they will not have any say over cryptocurrency’s price or how it is traded.

6 – More Hacking Attempts

Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are under cyber-attack by hackers every day. They keep trying new ways of hacking these sites to steal cryptocurrencies from users who store them in these wallets and exchanges. We have already seen many cryptocurrency exchanges going down in flames, so this thing is definitely going to continue and we can even see more such cases in the future.

7 – More Awareness About Cryptocurrencies

We all know that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the talk of the town at this time because they have suddenly jumped in value and everyone wants to be part of it. But once prices stabilize after 10 years or so we will again enter a phase where people will not bother about how it works and what the future holds for cryptocurrencies but only focus on profits which they make from it as we saw a few years back when Bitcoin started gaining popularity.

8 – Government Intervention Might Increase

Governments might become strict with their regulations if citizens start investing in cryptocurrencies and they don’t want their citizens to bypass them. The biggest example is China where Bitcoin exchanges have been shut down by the government because many investors there started using Bitcoin as a parallel currency so China banned it.

9 – More International Businesses Will Start

We are already seeing some companies like Overstock etc accepting payment in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, but after few years we might see even more businesses starting to use Bitcoin or Ethers for international trades instead of current payment methods which take lots of fees and time to complete transactions.

10 – Countries Might Start Their Own Cryptocurrencies

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If you believe that any country can create its own cryptocurrency then you must know that it is impossible that one country’s cryptocurrency will compete with other cryptocurrencies in terms of price or value. But they might start their own cryptocurrency which they can regulate and control because Blockchain technology permits this.

Final Words

Cryptocurrencies have not just introduced a new currency but they have changed the way we look at banks and financial institutions because now we can do trades, pay for goods, etc without any need for a bank.

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