Any good financial advisor could tell you that diversifying your portfolio is essential for your overall financial security. Investing in gold is a great way to balance out your investments in the US dollar – in fact, all investors should keep some money in gold for safekeeping.

However, there are also many errors in gold investments that novice investors make. These errors can range from inconvenient to tragic, and avoiding them can help to maintain the sanctity of your financial stability for the years to come.

What mistakes should you avoid when investing in gold? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few of the more common errors and mishaps that you should try to steer clear of.

1. Fall Prey to Scammers

Invest in Gold

Investing in gold is a smart financial choice, and as such, a lot of money gets funneled into gold products each year. However, anytime money is getting funneled somewhere, you know those with less than ideal intentions are going to come sniffing around.

This is why it is all-important to ensure that you choose to work with the right dealer when making the move to invest in gold. A reputable dealer with clear and honest intentions is the only type of person you should be doing business with, no matter what kind of deal they seem willing to offer you.

How can you be sure the dealer you’re going to do business with is trustworthy? How do you know they’re not going to pull the rug out from under you?

What Qualities to Look For

The main thing to look at is their overall reputation. A strong and secure provider should have solid reviews on their website, for example. You can rest assured that if hundreds of investors before you are happy with how their transactions have gone, you can feel more secure as well.

If you can get a recommendation from someone you know personally, like a friend or family member? Even better. You should be able to rest assured that you have a positive experience ahead.

Make sure to compare prices from various dealers. If anyone is offering a price that is far higher or far lower than the others, it should be a reason to be concerned. You want to get the best price, of course, but not at the risk of getting into some sketchy business.

Avoid dealers that feel like they are obscuring the details of what they do or those who put pressure on you to buy quickly. There should be no rush and no reason to be unclear if they are a truly reputable seller.

2. Fail to Make a Gold Investment Strategy

Fail to Make a Gold Investment Strategy

While it’s smart to have some of your money in gold, it’s important that you have an overall plan and strategy for your investment. Throwing your money around into investments with no overall plan is not going to treat your bottom line well as the years go by and by.

There are many different strategies you can employ when investing in gold. You might be trying to make a quick profit, you might be using it to balance investments in other areas of the market, or something else entirely.

Your strategy is completely up to you, all that is important is that you do have one. Failure to have an investment strategy could lead you down a road of random financial purchases and destroy the strong financial opportunity that gold provides.

If you’re working with a helpful dealer, it can be beneficial to share your overall goals and strategy with them so they can provide better assistance. There might be certain products, forms, and metals to consider based on your goals.

3. Let Emotions Rule

What Qualities to Look For

This is a common issue for many investors, in gold and elsewhere. However, it’s well worth repeating the common mantra: do not let your emotions rule you when investing.

The price of gold is bound to drop and does quite often. It is easy, especially if you’ve invested a large amount of money, to feel the familiar grip of panic when the price of your investment dips down.

You might feel as if the price is never going to rise back up again. The pressure is going to be on you to sell and save what you can. While there are some instances where it might be smart to sell, you need to make sure you are making these decisions based on rational logic, not fear.

Emotional buying and selling forces investors to lose thousands of money each year. The market does not care about your emotions, and you’ll find time and time again that emotional trading leads to lost opportunity, one way or another.

4. Purchase Rare Coins

Purchase Rare Coins

Sometimes, those who are looking to invest in gold are lured in by offers to buy numismatic coins under the pretense of it being a great investment. Let’s be clear and upfront: they are not.

These coins, generally speaking, are for collectors and not investors. The resale value of such rare coins is not going to match the rise and fall of the overall gold market and thus would only complicate and hinder your overall investment strategy.

The only coins worth investing in are well-known bullion coins. These come with low premium rates and can be re-sold easily when the time comes to liquidate. Everything else is not worth your time or your money.

Avoiding Errors in Gold Investments

Putting your money into gold could result in a great return on investment, but you need to be smart about how you do this kind of work. There are many errors in gold investments that people make, and you’ll want to ensure you avoid the mistakes above for your own financial well-being.

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