My St. Patrick’s Day celebration usually includes going to the parade in my city and getting a few beers with friends at the local pub later. However, this year will be different because most parades have been canceled owing to the new coronavirus. While most people are bummed that they will have to celebrate the day indoors, it does not mean that your day has to be boring. There are still some interesting ideas that you can try out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while observing social distancing rules.

Here are some of the best ideas that I have come up with that you can try too

1. Cook An Authentic Irish Dish

Cook An Authentic Irish Dish

Everybody needs to eat, regardless of whether you are by yourself, surrounded by family, or just you and your partner. You can make a new tradition this year by cooking a festive meal at home. Some of the best recipes for St. Patrick’s Day include potato recipes, some delicious Irish soda, or bacon soup, and a cheesy beer. You can have the best time making these and possibly create a new tradition that will be carried on for generations to come.

2. Mix Up A Green Drink

There are some green beer recipes online that you can try at home for St. Patrick’s Day. You can try different methods to make homemade green beer and mix it up with another beverage. These will make for a great celebration of the day. If you would rather not take alcohol, there are also non-alcoholic recipes you can try.

3. Dress In Green

Whether you are working from home or in your office, wearing green makes the day feel celebratory. You can choose to wear all green or one green item, for instance, a scarf. Get green glow necklaces for St Patrick’s Day.

4. Make A Dessert That Feels Festive

Make A Dessert That Feels Festive

Any traditional Irish meal is never fully complete without a tasty dessert. There are various recipes for St. Patrick’s Day desserts. You can try a rainbow cake or a leprechaun bark.

5. Make A Leprechaun Trap

If you have kids, you can also make sure that they enjoy the day. Most schools have cancellations because of the coronavirus, so you can create fun activities to do with the kids at home. Creating a leprechaun trap is one of the ways that you can have fun. With all the fun ideas on Instagram, you will not miss out on one that you can try. What’s more, you can make them with items that are already in your house.

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