2022 is a promising year for cryptocurrencies, but don’t be fooled by just any coin you find out there. Blockchain can now be divided up into specialized markets that all fall within one industry. Finance, real estate, and software are just a few of the new, open markets. Web 3.0 cryptos are also making their name known, and the profits to come will go to those who invest now. Your best step is to now monitor the crypto markets for opportunities. Only then can you construct your buy-and-hold strategy. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain industry and stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends, more and more individuals are enrolling in blockchain course online that covers topics such as decentralized applications, smart contracts, and token economics.

Top 3.0 Cryptos



Decentralized storage is the work of the Filecoin developers. Encrypting the location of data and its users is big business today. The future demand for this technology will grow. Being open-source enables developers to build their own structures atop Filecoin’s core algorithm. The data retrieval of its blockchain is also anonymous; you can enter and access data privately. Here, you can buy rentable hard-drive space with your basic account.


Video streaming is popular but requires a relatively strong infrastructure to work on. Decentralized video streaming is a concept that could disrupt streaming as we know it. Blockchain anonymity and its encryptions will allow viewers to find and access videos while their profiles and accounts remain anonymous. Streaming quality is also a major factor, for the nodes that power Theta reduce delays while boosting image pixels. Such nodes will earn by offering their computation.



Hailed as the people’s network, Helium is a wireless network built on top of a blockchain algorithm. This developer is both a blockchain and a global network of hotspots. The miners of the platform earn crypto by powering up wireless hotspots from their homes, studios, or offices. The signal these nodes emit travel miles within real communities. The reasonably low costs for mining make Helium accessible to everyone in society. Its public signal is secure and safe.


Cloud computing allows software developers and end-users to access databases and programs through a remote, internet signal. Decentralization, as it relates to cloud computing, encrypts the data and use of clients who actively use their cloud computation. The idea of web 3.0, which is considered decentralized internet, can only exist through the security of such a blockchain. Flux is creating, providing, and sustaining the infrastructure that web 3.0 will need to develop on.


Smart contracts are relatively established in the world of blockchain, but the innovations of Chainlink have resulted in a hybrid version. The potential of blockchain is at its best when developers from around the world can build upon the programs that now exist. Smart contracts, often being prewritten structures, enable businesses of all capacities to repurpose blockchain. The tamper-proof network created by Chainlink is one big step toward making blockchain common.

You don’t have to be a crypto or blockchain specialist to realize the great opportunity that comes with the 3.0 cryptos. The innovations of blockchain are evident for everyone to see. Just be patient with your opportunity, and keep an eye on your investments once they’re in hand.

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