By the time you finish reading this introduction, 500 hours of new video content will be uploaded to YouTube.

When it comes to content creation, video marketing provides more creativity and engagement potential than any other form of content. But to get viewers to engage with your startup, you’ll need to avoid certain mistakes.

Keep reading to learn about five mistakes with video marketing that could cost your startup dearly. And if you’re looking for an outstanding full service video production company that’s known for creating effective business videos, contact Ball Media Innovations.

1. Forgetting to Include a Call-to-Action

While creating video content is a great way to market your business in a more fun and relaxed tone, don’t forget that you’re ultimately after results. And to get results, you’ll have to tell your audience what to do next.

Every video you create should include a CTA that:

  • Reiterates the point of your video.
  • Directs action and engagement.
  • Encourages viewers to share your video and subscribe.

Speaking of which, the standard YouTube sign off of ‘Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!’ is perfect if you’re not sure how to end your videos.

2. Making Your Videos Too Long

We live in an era where we’re bombarded with information at all times. As such, our attention spans are shorter.

You’ll need to account for this as you start creating content.

This is especially important for videos on social media. Instagram is a great example, as video generates more engagement than any other form of content.

So keep it brief. The ideal length of videos on social media is no longer than three to five minutes.

3. Recording Poor Audio

There’s no point in creating a video if customers can’t hear what you’re trying to say. Or worse, if they’re distracted by the annoying hum of the air conditioning in the background.

While almost all cameras come with an onboard mic these days, don’t expect it to pick up great audio. Instead, pick up a cheap lavalier mic or boom mic online and run it through your camera.

4. Adding Diverse Visuals

While video marketing should be formal yet relaxed, talking heads are boring. Keep your viewers interested by adding b-roll or filming from multiple angles.

Static shots, though easy to film, are boring. Even if you have to use stock footage, keep things interesting for your viewers.

5. Optimizing Your Video Descriptions

You already know how important keyword optimization is in content like your blog and social posts or your homepage. However, it’s important to understand that your video descriptions count toward your SEO, too!

If you’re using an inbound marketing tool, you should already have access to keyword research. If not, make sure to check out this helpful guide on the best inbound marketing tools out there. Almost all of the tools listed can help you discover which keywords you’ll want to include in your video’s title and description.

Lights, Camera, Blunder: Don’t Make These Mistakes With Video Marketing

Truth be told, these mistakes with video marketing are easy to make. Especially if you’re unaccustomed to creating video content.

But now that you know how to avoid these dreaded pitfalls, there are no excuses. Now get ready to create some fantastic content!

And while you’re here, make sure to check out the rest of our blog for additional marketing tips!

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