Where an area needs to be inspected and other means make it impossible to access the area, the borescope comes into its own. Borescopes, known also as inspection cameras, are useful tools that probe deep into those unreachable spots, being useful for many applications in the aviation, automotive or military industries for example.

The borescope, of which there are different types, is the ideal equipment to have for inspection in different industries.

Borescope Examinations Lead to a Diagnosis

The borescope is about an optical instrument with a rigid or flexible tube and an eyepiece on one end and a camera on the other. There is an optical system in place that helps the user see what is on the side with the camera.

There can also be an illumination system so you can see in the deep, dark spots. They are able to magnify the object you are inspecting so that you can actually see all the details and then you can take a picture or even a video which will help to make a diagnosis.

Gas and steam turbines always require special attention, and borescopes can be used for their inspection. In the transport industry, borescope inspection of engines can prevent unnecessary maintenance. This maintenance can be massively expensive with these large turbines.

Some Must-Have Features 

These borescopes have many features, some of which are very important. The light source is very important as it needs to light up dark spaces. LED light sources are the best option. Articulation is also important, This is the degree to which the borescope can move – up and down and left and right. You certainly want an articulating borescope as opposed to a non-articulating borescope if you are inspecting the areas remotely.

Get your Borescope from a Reliable Source

The borescope inspection cameras are categorized according to the characteristics of their operating probe. Different investigations require different capabilities and rigid borescopes are essentially used for applications where there are no obstacles. Cylinders, for instance, can be examined with a fixed camera on a straight arm. The semi-rigid borescopes are particularly useful because they can go around an obstacle

What is your need for a borescope? There is no need to buy one when you can benefit from convenient borescope rental terms that can reduce your operating costs.  There is also a rent-to-own option. 

When you see how a borescope can inspect areas that are hard to reach and help you perform remote visual examinations to fix problems immediately, you realize the importance of getting these tools from a reliable, trusted source.

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