ADU homes, also known as accessory dwelling units cost-effective and innovative options for housing options in California, as well as methods for increasing the resale value of your property, and they can generate income for families while serving as highly functional and purposeful structures.

Some people build ADU homes to serve specific purposes, but not all families are sure about how an ADU home can be used. In other cases, they may know that the use is temporary, but then what? This article is intended to help people understand why they should contact an ADU homes builder to fulfill a need that their primary home isn’t providing.

Usages Of ADU Homes

1. ADU Homes Can Be Used As Home Offices

Home Offices

Now more than ever, people are conducting business from their homes. COVID certainly helped to increase these numbers, and the price of gasoline has also encouraged people to work from home. The problem with working from home is that it’s very difficult to create a professional workspace where people can meet with their clients or patients. A property home office should have its own entry and be private from the main house if, in fact, you intend on seeing patients. The only way to achieve this is to work with an ADU home builder who can create an accessory dwelling unit that’s comfortable for both you and your clients. The best ADU builders can create waiting rooms, a main office for consultations, have a bathroom, and even a kitchen with a coffee bar and snacks so that your customers and patients have everything to make them feel comfortable.

2. ADU Homes Can Be Used For Homeschooling


Some parents, especially those with religious values, will opt to homeschool their children as opposed to having them attend a public or private school. The problem is that it can be difficult to separate home life from school life, especially when both take place under the same roof. In addition, kids are easily distracted when they are home. After all, the TV, their toys, and their games are just feet away from the table where they are studying. ADU homes can resolve this problem; they can be treated as little schoolhouses while creating separation from the main home where kids can focus and absorb their learning materials.

3. Pool Houses And ADU Homes

ADU homes are perfect for creating pool houses. Pool houses are all the trend in California; they provide great accommodations for guests, they make life easier, and they increase the resale value of any property. ADU homes can be built in a convenient location to your swimming pool while creating a connection with the outdoor space.

4. ADU Homes Can Be Great Man Caves

Man Caves

A man cave is a room or space designated for the man of the family where he can watch the game with his friends, drink beers with his buddies and not be bothered by the kids, or just have alone time to work on his hobbies. Basements, garages, attics, and guest rooms can be turned into man caves, but they are still connected to the home where the noise from children can be heard. ADU homes are amazing man caves because they provide a great degree of comfort, are separated by the main house, and grant the occupant total privacy.

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