A massive 3 million employees voluntarily leave their jobs every single month in the United States. Known as turnover, this happens in every industry and at every company.

But if you’re experiencing higher than normal turnover, it can be really disruptive. Not only does it leave gaps in knowledge and skills, but it can also decrease motivation levels in your other employees.

As a leader in your business, it’s a great idea to take proactive action to prevent turnover. One great way to do this is through employee morale boosters.

But this doesn’t just mean buying a ping pong table and a soda machine. Keep reading for real morale boosters that will help improve your company culture and prevent turnover from ruining your business.

1. Formally Recognize Your Employees

First and foremost, you should consider implementing an employee recognition program. This is a great way to improve morale across the business.

The bottom line is that people, no matter their age, gender, or job like to feel valued and needed. Expressing your appreciation can go a long way when it comes to improving employee morale.

Sure, we all say thank you to our employees. But one of the strongest employee morale boosters is implementing a formal recognition program.

One way to do this is through an employee of the month program. You can have managers pick someone on their team to highlight each month.

You could also send out an email to your team each Friday thanking each team member for something they did that week.

Also, consider giving a gift (gift cards work great) for each year your employees stay with the company. Who doesn’t like presents?

2. Organize Team-Building Activities

Next, consider hosting some team-building activities. Keep in mind that employee morale is closely related to how coworkers feel about each other.

To improve this part of your culture, start doing things together. You could do a company-sponsored lunch once a month.

You could also do something bigger like a ropes course, a trip to a bowling alley, or a ski day. It’s also fun to get everybody a variety of swag like t-shirts, buttons, or high-quality notebooks.

We all like the feeling of belonging to a united winning team.

If you’re having a tough time coming up with ideas, ask your team for nominations and then have a team vote.

3. Provide Performance-Based Incentives

Last but not least, make sure that your employees have the opportunity to advance in their careers. No one likes to feel stuck or like there’s no path forward in the company.

And in many cases, the best hires come from inside the company since they’re familiar with your products, partners, and culture. This will encourage employees to stick around and apply for bigger positions in the future.

Also, consider an incentive plan for all employees in their current roles. Set goals with them each quarter or year and create a system where they can qualify for a raise or bonus based on performance.

Employee Morale Boosters to Prevent Turnover

There you have it: some of our top tips for implementing employee morale boosters in your company. By doing these things, you can help prevent turnover.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog for other tips and tricks.

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