What to do if the door doesn’t close tightly.

There may be two reasons:

  1. a) The lower wheel stopper is gone. As a rule, it is placed in the groove of the lower track, and when the door is closed, the wheel rides on it and thus the door is locked in a tightly closed position. If this is the cause of the problem, simply move the stopper itself by slightly tapping it with a screwdriver to the desired position so that the door does not retract when the door is closed.
  2. b) If the stopper is in place, but the door still does not close the opening tightly, it may be due to its deregulation. To adjust the aluminum door, it has special screws at the end of the door opposite the lower wheels. These are the same faults that we unscrewed in the previous paragraph to change the wheel. They can also be used to raise and lower each wheel to adjust the verticality of the sliding door. With a hexagon, we adjust the inclination of the door in relation to the cabinet sidewall until it is tight.

If the door is steel, the adjustment screw is located on the roller mechanism on the reverse side of the door. The procedure is similar to the previous one.

In case of damage to the filling of the doors (mirror, glass, wood etc.)

If the door insert is damaged, it is necessary to dismantle the door frames, which are attached with screws, and replace the damaged material in order to replace it. This process is more time-consuming but does not require much knowledge and experience. 

Aluminum door frames are connected to each other with 4 screws located at the end of the door under the dust brush. The frames of the steel systems are connected with each other by 4 roller mechanisms on the reverse side of the door.

By disconnecting the frames, it is possible to easily replace the damaged insert or a fragment of the door insert. The door is assembled in reverse order. 

If it is necessary to replace the damaged blade inserted into the sliding door (mirror, glass, wood, etc.), it is necessary to carefully unscrew hexagon screws in the ends of aluminum door profiles, in steel systems to remove the mechanisms of the wheels that hold the profiles together and disassemble the frame, remove the blade, reorder the material exactly of the same size.

Please note that all the glasses in the compartment doors are 4 mm thick, and the groove in the aluminum frames of the doors is 8-10 mm, in order to tightly insert into the frame of the glass, used a special gasket in the groove profiles. It is also better to replace it when changing the blade.

Scratches on the chipboard in the compartment door can be covered with special products.

Here are the main types of independent repair of the sliding door. But there are more complicated cases, for the solution of which it is necessary to apply to professionals and doors will roll once we’ve repaired them.

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