Just across from the pristinely serene Mekong River is The Foreign Correspondents Club or FCC.  The FCC is a meeting place for foreign correspondents and reporters. Some of the FCC’s around the world are members only and some are open to the public.  The venue in Phnom Penh is accessible to anyone.  The is a place where journalists used to gather after the Paris Peace Agreements of 1991 was formed. Journalists started to flock to the area because it was no longer in too much turmoil.  

Phnom Penh-The Foreign Correspondents Club, Happy 11, and Battbong

you can visit The FCC to have dinner and drinks while watching the sunset over the Mekong River.  You can take a Tuk-Tuk down Riverside street and head upstairs to the entrance on the second floor.  It’s an open-air establishment with another bar on the third floor. The food is good and the staff is attentive and good-natured

It should be mentioned that this is just about the only place in Asia where you can get Knob Creek Whiskey.  For me this is paramount. Swashbuckling Knob Creek after dinner while checking out the Mekong is a must for any upstanding degenerate writer.  After about seven or eight of these, it’s basically common decency to head a few blocks inland to Happy 11.

Phnom Penh-The Foreign Correspondents Club, Happy 11, and Battbong

Happy 11 is a backpackers hostel with a bar on the third floor.  There are a couple of pool tables, lounge seating, and bar stools overlooking the street.  At Happy 11 you can get a Cambodian beer and a nitrous balloon for 3 bucks. It’s great. Just order a round and sit back on a couch and laugh your ass off.

I recommend at least five or six rounds here.  The staff is nice as well and always ready to fill up a ballon for you.  The only drawback here is getting down the winding stairwell after you’re drunk and fueled up on nitrous.  But don’t fret it’s a fun ride down.

Phnom Penh-The Foreign Correspondents Club, Happy 11, and Battbong

Next up is Battbong.  Battbong is owned by a French couple who are very kind and welcoming.  It’s a restaurant on one side with authentic French cuisine and great wine.  After you have a nice meal it’s time to walk over to the speakeasy lounge next door which has the same owners.  

There is a coke machine waiting for you to enter through.  You just need to figure out which of the buttons will allow you to get in.  When you do get in you descend into a beautiful lounge with great music that is typically jazz-themed.  The music is top notch and the staff is always quick to get you a drink.

Phnom Penh-The Foreign Correspondents Club, Happy 11, and Battbong

Cambodia can be a beautiful place and Phnom Penh is one of its gems.  There are so many great sights to see and places to go with a lot of character you will always enjoy a night on the town here whether you are alone or with some good friends.


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