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Leroy Sane deserved to be ousted from Germany’s WC squad

Manchester City star Leroy Sane was fantastic in the last campaign under the management of Spanish boss Pep Guardiola.

In 32 PL appearances, the 22-year-old attacker directly contributed in 25 goals to help the Sky Blues win the ultimate prize.

However, Germany’s national team coach Joachim Low announced the Wolrd Cup squad yesterday and Sane was nowhere to be found on the list. Did he deserve to be ousted from the team? Based on his dismal displays for the national side, the answer would be “yes”.

The speedy playmaker has failed to score in 12 outings for the reigning World Champions and has managed to provide only 1 assist (against Azerbaijan).

In the last six appearances for the national side, Sane was given the chance to start on four occasions and he could not impress the boss.

The Man City attacker was average when Brazil defeated Germany back in March and he was once again below par in the shocking defeat suffered against Austria few days back.

Low said that it was a very close decision between Sane and Brandt. The Bayer Leverkusen winger was part of the German team that won the Confederations Cup last year. He started 3 World Cup qualification games, scored 1 goal and provided 1 assist.


  1. Low is the problem playing Sane out of position. Low is a cheap knock off Guardiola wannabe. Germany will suffer for this decision mark my words, they won’t be wining the World Cup that’s for sure. Bookmark this, take it in because I’ll be saying I told you so again.

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