Making a passive income is a great way of earning additional money and saving up for certain objectives. One of the most common ways of earning money passively is investing in something. While investing in stocks or bonds might seem difficult to some people, numerous solutions allow investing easily. These popular options help people invest money online even without experience in this field. They are online investment platforms popular in Europe and around the globe.

Best Online Investment Platforms for European


This European investment fund is from Estonia, although citizens of other countries can invest as well. It is necessary to use IBAN for investing here, which means people from other states can also join by using other services that assist with such transactions. This platform offers a unique scheme that only gathers money for one day and lends it to borrowers before returning cash to user accounts at midnight.

Manage Debts to See Your Investments Turn into Assets


  • High liquidity is great for people that might need to recover money at any time. It is possible to withdraw your investments every single day.
  • The minimum investment requirement is incredibly low here. A single euro is needed for making an investment online.


  • Certain investors need to know and choose the businesses they invest in. Unfortunately, it is Quanloop service that chooses all the borrowers.


This P2P service was founded in Estonia as well. Since its launch, this platform has expanded to other European countries. The website acts as an intermediary between investors and borrowers that need funds for their businesses or projects. All investors are invited. However, it is important to keep in mind that SEPA transactions are preferred.


  • If you are from Estonia, this platform will be able to cover some of your taxes.
  • Everyone can become an investor regardless of their country of origin or residence.


  • The lowest donation you can make is 100 euros. This is not an easy amount to handle for many investors.

Online Investment Platforms


This is a peer-to-peer lending service located in Estonia. This platform offers its users to invest in businesses from a few selected European countries. Visitors can pick from the list of available borrowers. Only those from the European Union and EEA can make money online investment on this site. People that are not from EEA can also invest, but it is required to receive accreditation to become an investor.


  • This is one of the most affordable platforms as it allows investing with 1 euro, which is important for newbies.
  • Three different portfolio plans are offered. Each of the options provides a certain average return based on the level of your involvement. The most popular plan with automated investing offers about a 6,5% annual return.


  • The average return gains per annum fluctuate around 9% here.


This is a Latvian P2P platform. While catering to European investors, this company also has offices in Mexico and plans to expand even further. Businesses from different countries can publish their loans here, and investors can pick the options. For companies and people to invest here, it is necessary to own a European Union bank account.

  • The yearly return is around 12% for Mintos users.
  • Different investment strategies are available for users based on their goals. You can aim for diversification, safe investing, or high yield.

Best Online Investment Platforms


  • Not all EU countries have access to this platform for investing money.


It is another Latvian lending company made for European citizens. Most loans on this platform come from one of its founding companies. Every person or enterprise with an EU bank account is eligible to invest on this site.


  • Ten euros is enough to start investing via this service and gaining a return.
  • The average return rate per year is about 12%. This is a decent amount on the modern market.


  • If you prefer short-term investments, this service will be useful. But it is less efficient for long-term investors.

Looking for platforms where to invest money online is simple today thanks to such variety. New European services appear all the time, and it is important to look through all the platforms to choose the best one.

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