From hosting the world’s tallest building to the world’s largest man-made island, Dubai’s property and architecture portfolio never fail to enhance and amaze. This is true for visitors looking to tour around the country and for many investors who are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about dipping their toes in Dubai’s ever-green property market.

Even while many leading real estate markets and investment firms are still recovering from the unexpected downfall fueled by the events of Covid-19, Dubai has managed to stabilize its property market and make it more attractive than how it was before the pandemic outbreak.

Details Of Dubai’s Property Market

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The average price of buying property has increased by 9.2% this year as the Dubai real estate market thrives. The surge in demand is said to have a significant influence from the government initiatives to handle the pandemic and its liberal visa policies, attracting more foreign buyers. In addition, the recent introduction of the UAE retirement visa has also massively added to this spike in demand.

In addition, the pandemic has caused significant disruption and reduced the number of Chinese property buyers who contributed to a significant proportion of Dubai’s property market over the past decade. To deal with this, many developers have now started to focus on the other market segments, which include Indians, Pakistanis, GCC nationals, young Emirati buyers, and Russian expatriates.

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukraine war also created an influx of wealthy Russians investing in Dubai as they sought to shield their savings and other assets through reliable investment opportunities outside their homeland.

Luxury Has Become An Emerging Trend


After the pandemic, people realized the importance of living in a space where you might have to spend much more time than initially expected. Moreover, as many offices are going full-remote, employees are trying to establish their work life in places that offer comfort and convenience.

As a result, the most sought-after properties in Dubai surround Business Bay, Palm Jumeirah, Meydan, and Dubai Marina. Property investors are also specifically seeing places that come with pools, gardens, lawns, balconies, in-house movie theatres, private pools, and private elevators. This rising need for luxury and comfort is persuading investors to purchase villas and townhouses, which provide them with value in the form of additional personal space.

Growth Patterns

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In the sales market, the average property prices in Dubai rose by 9.2% in October, with villas seeing an average increase of 13% compared to apartments, which had a rise of 8.5%. The market also reported 8,269 transactions in October 2022, which is a 72.5% increase compared to the last year.

The average apartment price in Dubai reached AED 1,149 per square foot, and the average villa price is now AED 1,359 per square foot.

The most expensive location for apartments was in Jumeirah, with an average price of AED2,226 per square foot. However, Palm Jumeirah still remains the most expensive location for villas in Dubai, with an average price of AED 3,704 per square foot.

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