Protecting your assets in any part of the world will assure substantial income later in life and a safe way to see your future. Also, you should be aware of the risk situations that could endanger your assets, like being a company director, acting as a trustee, and being a guarantor. Other scenarios could be being part of an agreement, having a professional practice, being a partner, having several assets, and having a marriage breakdown.

Check out the solutions to asset protection in Canada

##Make use of holding companies

Asset Protection Trust

Most Canadians have gathered assets thanks to private business ownership. In many cases, the business is the family’s most significant asset. These could be exposed to creditors if you have accumulated cash or other assets. You should check whether it’s a good idea to use a holding company that could own shares in your company. Cash and other redundant assets could be paid as dividends (usually without tax), separating those assets from the business operation. When your business needs capital, the holding company could lend it back. These types of companies allow saving taxes by giving a way to make other investments with the extra cash your company has. Unless you own a holding company, you must pay the cash immediately, the income tax, and reinvest after taxes.

##Use discretionary trusts

A trust permits the enjoyment of the trust assets, and they are separated from legal ownership. A trust beneficiary could have benefited from using trust assets, but the creditor can’t claim those assets as long as the trust agreement is drafted correctly. One of the main features of the trust is that it is irrevocable, and the beneficiaries have no vested rights in the trust assets. If this isn’t the case, the creditors gain access to all or some trust assets. It’s relevant to draft the trust agreement so that no payments will be made to any insolvent beneficiary. Trust has tax benefits by giving the ability to split income with family members.

Asset Protection in Canada

##Place assets in appropriate names

Sometimes, it makes sense to place assets under your family member’s names, such as your spouse or other family members—those won’t need to face creditors’ claims. Usually, business owners put family homes in the name of their spouses. Still, before making any changes to the titles of your assets, any transfer to anyone other than your husband or wife is considered a disposition at fair market value. It could lead to a tax bill. When giving up the title of your assets, you also give up control of those assets. Confirm you are making the right move in these cases.

##Have a backup plan

If you know you cannot look after your assets and financial affairs, plan for someone you trust to step in and help you. One of the methods is to make a power of attorney. The legal document will let you name one or more people to be your “attorney” to manage your legal and financial affairs. In this case, “attorney” doesn’t mean lawyer. It’s only a denomination to describe the person who will make decisions for you. Any power of attorney is a legal document. Inform yourself about its risks and benefits, especially if someone else will make decisions on your behalf.

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##Canada ETA

Learning more about protecting your assets will provide a safer way to look into your future. If you’re planning to invest or move to Canada for better protection of your assets, it may be a good idea to travel to Canada first. You will need the Canada ETA, a travel authorization document for nationalities exempt from a Canadian visa. The good news is that **iVisa** can process your digital application anytime. You only need to complete an online form with your data and the information in your passport. After that, you will receive an email with the ETA you must display to airport officers for a smooth entry. Don’t worry about anything because customer service agents can help you with any doubts along the way. Explore more about Canada and how to protect your assets. Also, you can visit the most incredible natural wonders. Travel now!

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