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Are No Deposit Casinos a Myth?

Free money sounds great, right? Who would say no to some free cash? 

Many internet casinos offer a type of signing bonus called a no deposit casino bonus to entice new players.  The condition for a no deposit casino is usually that you have to be a first time player on their site. The promise of free cash always gets people’s attention, but is it really possible for a player to leave the online casino with a load of cash by using this kind of bonus and spending none of their own money? The truth about the free bonus promotions at casinos are actually more likely a Vegas mirage

First, online casinos wouldn’t give away free money unless it benefited them. They’re  business people. They know well that a profitable percentage of new members will stay to become depositing players. Of course, the free money they promise comes with strings attached. The rules makes it nearly impossible for a player to actually win from the promotion. Therefore, the promise of big wins from free cash are usually an illusion. They’re betting on that. 

You might be better off using a minimum deposit casinos where there are fewer hidden rules. The free balance on the player’s account in a no deposit casino will let him or her play their games for free. When a player wins, however, based on the signing bonus, the dreaded Cashout requirement (CR) applies. Withdrawing winnings is permitted only after the free amount is turned-over a number of times. For example, the player may have to make a minimum total bet of 20 times his or her bonus. Only if the player won so big that he managed to still have an available balance after betting $500 can the cashout be completed. Wagering requirements differ from casino to casino, so reading the fine print is highly recommended. 

In addition, there are restrictions on the types of game that can be played using these no deposit bonuses. Many online casinos will not allow you to play table games such as poker and blackjack with these bonuses because the payout percentage is higher with table games than, for example, slot machines where the casinos can control the payout percentages. If they do allow no deposit gaming for playing these popular table games, the cashout restrictions upon payout will be much tighter, too. Therefore, if you enjoy card games, the no deposit option isn’t really a choice for you. 

In short, no deposit casinos are very real, but the chances of winning big using these deposits is so unlikely as to be, yes, a Vegas mirage.

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