If you’re the type of person interested in cryptocurrency, it’s likely that you’re someone who wants to make money from home using your intelligence. The good news is, there are actually many job opportunities available for people who fit this criteria. If you’re an academically-minded person looking to make a little extra money from home, consider these options.

Here are the options


Blogging is a big deal right now. That’s because pretty much anyone can start a blog. If you’re okay with being attached to another website and not having your own URL, you can start with a blog completely for free. Write some blog posts, get the word out there, and see whether people seem like they’re interested. If they do, you can start to invest a bit of money into it. There’s got to be something you love enough to talk about it regularly, so find that topic and start.

Technical Freelancing

Freelancing websites are everywhere, and they offer people the ability to freelance in just about anything. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, it’s likely you have at least a little bit of technical know-how. Try out technical freelancing and help people with small digital tasks. You may even want to offer your services in crafting other people’s cryptocurrency setups. With many freelancing sites, you can sell whatever you want, so find your niche and stick to it.

Micro Task Completion

A “micro task” is a very menial task that’s necessary to the functioning of a business, but that computers can’t do yet. For example, you might need to read slightly blurry pictures of receipts to make sure the computer transcribed those pictures correctly. There are many websites online that allow you to complete these tasks for clients for a small amount of money. It might not be enough to make you rich, but it’s a rewarding way to pass the time.

Website Testing

Business owners need to know their websites are doing the right job. Websites can seem nice when they’re on one person’s computer, but what about when they’re on your computer? What about when it’s a website for a service you’ve never heard about before? What about different demographics? This is what business owners are looking to learn more about, and they’re willing to pay for the information. Find a company that pays you to take these tests.

Homework Help

How were your academic skills in college? If you were great at homework in college and high school, you might be able to use those ongoing skills to help people looking for homework assistance now. Companies like OneClass pay people to help others with homework. You can even sign up to be a tutor if you have the right qualifications, which pays even more. This is a great way to put your academic knowledge to the test.


Crypto may be either a small hobby or a full lifestyle for you. No matter what you love about it, you probably want to find other ways to make money. With all these options combined, it’s possible to make a pretty decent living. Use your knowledge of math that you learned in college and through crypto trading to make money in other ways, from offering website feedback to helping students through OneClass.

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