It doesn’t matter how you go about investing – whether you invest in precious metals, real estate, your business, bonds, stocks or your money-box, the best investment is the one that brings in extra cash for you. 

Economists, however, say that for 2020, investors should be more selective. They say that about 10% of your investment portfolio should be reserved for Gold because they say gold is going to gain some massive returns in 2020. While many look at gold as a has-been kind of investment, they added that gold is known to do well in volatile times. 

Some other things to think about before you start investing – 

1. Simple Plans 

Sensible investment experts say keep your investing simple by developing an overall plan, to diversify and keep expenses low. Do online research, pick a provider and open your account. If you’re really not sure, speak to a financial advisor for advice.

2. Watch the News

Keep up to date on ‘investment news’ that could affect your investment. The investment will be spurred if, for instance, the U.S. and China reach a trade deal, but if not, there could be a possible recession.

3. Earn Interest

Financial experts say that savings that are high yield will be a better option than stashing up money at home. This is because you aren’t able to benefit from the interest you could be getting. Also, because inflation takes away from the value of the money, having cash at home won’t help you reach your financial goals.

4. Bonds

Bonds are the kind of investment that allows you to spread your risk and gain dividends which means they are an important part of a good, balanced portfolio in 2020. 

5. Real Estate a Good Investment

For 2020, real estate is a good investment as people always need a place to live, especially with rising populations. Real estate is a low-risk strategy too and it’s a hedge against inflation. In the USA, the average annual rate of real estate appreciation has exceeded the annual inflation rate and this looks to continue in 2020.

6. Green Energy

‘Going green’ has become massively important and investment in this particular market is a good opportunity for high returns. Do research carefully because there are still companies that haven’t made the switch to green energy. 

7. Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset class, but in 2020 the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency is going to be a lot more user-friendly. Also, there are far more cryptocurrency trading platforms and investing can be done in several ways, with cryptocurrency investment apps being the most popular. 

Whoever you are, an individual or a business, start with a review of your budget and a reassessment of your spending patterns. Most of us are having difficulties with making ends meet and any capacity or investment to save and make more money needs to be explored with greater intensity in 2020.

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